OMG! We made a music Video!!

October 25, 2018

Remember when i was so excited about shooting the album cover? Well, she asked me to direct her music video!! Of course I agreed! This is my first full length music video.

I chose some really amazing locations for her. We shot a “sunset” scene, but since it was so hot out in the evenings we chose (more so, i chose and pushed the rest of the crew)to get up early and hike up the mountain for sunrise.

We shot some scenes in my studio. Jake was convinced Carol and I would burn the place down with candles so he stood by ready with an extinguisher. I love love love the way that smokey candle lit stage scene turned out.

We shot at a mansion in the Bay Area. Here we had her friends and family join us for a lovely brunch. She strolled by the pool and sang from a second floor balcony. One of my favorite scenes is simply her walking through the rose and hydrangea garden. It was such a beautiful set. Please check it out.. share it. And remember she sang this to her friends, family, medical staff and all the other everyday heroes out there…

* * * LYRICS START @ 2:00 * * *