So many kind words via Text, Email and Yelp. Thank you!


“My experience with your studio was amazing from the makeup & attire to the actual shoot. You make a great team & I appreciate all the positive direction as this was not natural for me.
Thanks again and hopefully I can do it again it was actually fun once I got over my anxiousness 
Take care & happy holidays to you & your family!” **


“Hello Christina!! 
Thank you so much for an experience I’ll never forget!! Your eye on detail is mind blowing!! I look at my pictures in awe and can’t believe that is me. Christina you made me look and feel so beautiful with hair and makeup. The last time I had that done was on my wedding day 20 years ago. I felt so young again!! LOL!! Most importantly, I felt extremely comfortable! Being a fluffy gal it isn’t easy to wear lingerie in front of others but you made me feel like I was amongst great friends!! For that, I thank you!!!!! I wish you both the best in the new year, in your business, and in life!!”

karen nance2-4530.jpg

”I came here the past weekend to take boudoir photos. I had such a great time. Christina was so friendly, she did my hair and make up. I spoke to her about some of my problem areas (my arms) and she made sure to pose me in a way that made them look more slim. The turn around time was really quick. I got everything in less than a week. I know some studios can take months so this was a huge plus. Over all, I am very happy with my experience. I think everyone should try this out if you haven’t take a boudoir shoot before.

“Christina is a doll (beautiful and always put together) and super down to earth, so chatting/girl gossip time is always fun beforehand. She does make up and helps with your outfits/accessories (also champagne is a plus!) Never once did I feel insecure or shy about posing because they are so highly professional and really know what they are doing. Christina is a great coach when it comes to directing your poses to best optimize your body type in the final photos. Not only did I feel great doing the shoot, but I also had FUN which is the most important part! I was really pleased with the way the photos turned out (I did a boudoir theme) and will definitely come back when I need more!!! I couldn’t even pick which ones were my favorite because there were so many great options. Thanks again!!!”

“ Christina took her time to apply make-up and I went over some ideas a saved on my phone...Then it was time to take off the robe. I was determined to do this in the buff. Christina coached me into tactful poses. Christina also challenged me to wear a little lingerie. When I saw myself through the lens I saw a different person – “who is she?” “why haven’t I notice her before?!” I saw my body as defined, athletic yet beautiful, curvy and toned and yes – SEXY! It was so moving. Following the session I called my best friend, my cousin and I cried. Why was I always so harsh on myself; why hadn’t I done this sooner?
Next month, I turn 40. This experience is a gift for my future self. I will look back this and the photos in 40 years and know I WAS SEXY (and most likely still be).


“Hi Christina,

I thought you and Jake were really great, and both very talented. I also love that you are a couple. My partner and I work together a lot and it’s a synergistic relationship. Especially doing boudoir, I think it helps a woman feel at ease since your energy together is so comfortable and positive.I do think you are both awesome, your studio is beautiful, and that you’re going to continue to be really successful.”

**please note some reviews reflect a male photographer. while he was amazing, i find us ladies are more comfortable with female only sessions. I shoot alone now.