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I can not say it enough..There is no age limit to boudoir.

Boudoir, to me, is meant to capture a side of yourself that you may rarely see. It is a body position, a look in the eye..it is not limited someones size or gender, and certainly not age!

Ladies come in all the time in their 20’s and say,

“I want to do this before I am 30”.

Ladies in their 30’s say,

“I want to do this before I am 30”.

Ladies in their 30’s say,

“I want to do this before I am 40”.

50’s before 60, 60 before 70..

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From her review;

..the results were stunning. Was that me ?

Did I mention that I’m in my sixties!?”

We have have shot some gorgeous silver haired ladies. Recently, the mother of one of the ladies we had in before came in herself. Her photos are so classy and sexy. I am so grateful for her sharing;

“It was probably one of the best things I ever did when my daughter asked if I would like to make an appointment to take boudoir photographs. Why not? It was a challenging time and I needed some cheering up…

Enter the Alias Josie Studio where I met Christina and Jake. Christina immediately sat me down in the dressing room and asked, “What did you

bring?” I showed her my finest two nighties. She liked them and immediately began to hot-roll my hair, spending about a half hour (maybe longer!) doing my make-up, something I haven’t seriously approached in years, not even at a Sephora counter.

After make-up we laid out outfits with picks from her well-stocked selection of heels and jewelry. I was ready! With Christina’s direction, I posed beneath a chandelier, coquettishly in bed, and at a window with flowing white curtains.

I never felt embarrassed. Jake was unobtrusive and the results were stunning. Was that me?

Did I mention that I’m in my sixties!?”

Christina Wert