September 7, 2017

We recently renovated a new boudoir studio. Here is a little video we put together of the 6 week project. Dramatic Before/After.

We leased to a new space and had to do a lot of renovating. From ceiling to floor, we covered or replaced almost every surface. New silver tiles and chandeliers give the space a classic yet modern flair. The wood floors were one of the most physically taxing jobs, but they came out beautiful and make a great base for all of the sets we have created.

Because it is a photography studio, we wanted to keep as much flexibility as possible.. We needed a designated dressing room. We went with floor to ceiling curtains, that can be moved/rearranged in many different configurations.

The bathroom, as you can see, was a disaster. Christina did a pole on Facebook, asking friends and family to vote on wallpaper.. Add flooring, wainscoting and a giant mirror, and the final result was beautiful, vintage chic.

Having all cinderblock walls was another challenge we faced. While hanging paper rolls, Jake discovered the joy of the rotary hammer!