A Dream Come True.

My name is Christina. My “alias” is Josie.

Owning a boudoir studio was my dream for many years. From the first day on a set I KNEW BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY WAS MY PASSION. Hundreds of shoots later, I am still so excited every time I to go into the studio.

I get the chance to help so many women explore their powerful, sexy side.. I have heard many excuses for “waiting” to do boudoir. It is time to celebrate YOU, where you are now- It is in you, let me help you bring it out! Let’s Talk!

I will share my strengths in cosmetology, set design, pose coaching, dance, fitness training, and photography.  My process is a little unique, in that I execute solely the process -from Hair/Makeup and shooting- to editing! I am right next to you making sure all of the little details are in place (wardrobe & poses).

“Alias Josie Boudoir was many years in the making, and now- a dream realized.”

– Christina/Josie

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